New records added in Dynamic File Attachments not appearing in the Child form

Regarding Dynamic File Attachments, is it the case that users should be able to access the a record in the child form within a few minutes after entering a record in the Parent form?

I am am trying to access a dataset record in the Parent form, but a new records I added does not appear in the Child form when I am online.

I can access all the data in the Parent Form dataset that was added before the link was made.

Best regards, David

I fixed this issue by going into the parent form and going to connect projects and ensuring all fields were selected individually in the select specific questions to share (I had selected all qyuestions previously), then redeplying both the parent and child forms. I have no idea why this worked, but it did.

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Would you mind to try to reproduce the issue by doing the same now again, new reccords, but with the default way, please?

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See image:

I seem to need to select all fields manually. Works fine though

Hi David,
Thank you for posting this. I am having problems developing a certain tool.
I have already linked the two forms, but this particular set of questions is not functioning
In form A, I included Q1 to capture the hospital’s level, Q2 to determine if a specific intervention is available at the hospital, and Q3 to select the unit responsible for providing the intervention (multiple choices allowed). In form B, I would like to display a corresponding question if I select “level 1” and confirm that the intervention is provided at the hospital in that particular unit.
I have used this syntax code and it is not working; ${level} = ‘1’ and ${interventionr1} = ‘yes’ and selected(${unitr1}, ‘anc_unit’).
Is there a way that you could assit.

I see you use singIe quotes in your syntax. I use double quotes rather than signal quotes. I am not sure if that will help of not. You could try it. That said. I read in two places select boxes did not work. Ironically, I got my cascade select box to work (Province, District, and subdistrict). However, I can see my simple select boxes do not work very well. I am not sure why this is.