New submissions not reflecting in imported data connected to power bi

Hi all! I connected my data to power bi using the synchronous export method. Somehow new submissions after creating the dashboard are not reflecting in the dashboard. The dashboard is picking the latest date when new data is added, but somehow the actual figures are not being picked or changing.

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Can you explain this part a little more?

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Thank you Hakan,

So i have a field for date in the dashboard where it picks the latest date based on the latest submissions. This date changes when new data is added but somehow the submitted data is not changing to reflect the new information on the dashboard. The dashboard is tracking the number of people reached in a given period, so if new data is added the expectation is the figures should increase.
Iā€™m failing to upload the screenshot to show the context.

@leonam, you should now be able to upload screenshots to the forum.

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Thanks Kal,

Please find the screenshot to the dashboard. As highlighted earlier, the date shows the latest report was submitted on 24 May, however the figures for the reach have not changed from the previous report in April.