New users unable to login kobo collect but website kpi they are able to access

Hello Team

unable to login kobo collect but they are able to login kobo KPI server

  1. URL and password are right
    2)survey has been shared with the user
  2. user is able to login kobo kpi web
  3. add and view access has been granted

@Mdkhamru, could you share more details of what is not working and also share some screenshots if you see any error message. In the meantime, maybe it would be helpful if you go through the support article on configuring the Collect android app:


and theses user are able to login earlier but not now

Where are you seeing this error message? In the Collect android app or in your user account? Besides, could you also share a larger screenshot (maybe covering a lot more dimension) so that we should also be able to get a feel of what it looks like at your end?

Hello @Kal_Lam

I had created bulk users in docker via KPI they are able to login web kpi
but not able to login kobo collect

now i reset password for the same user and same password it works fine

now i have more then 1000 users

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OK so seems like the solution to your issue is to reset the password.