Newline in Question Labels - Different behaviour KoBoCollect and Enketo/Preview

we are working with XLSForm (Excel), OCHA Server and KoBoColelct on Android smartphones.
How can we control the formatting of text, esp. newline
If we enter a newline in XLSForm (Crtl+Enter),

  • It shows up as one newline in Preview/Enketo. [as expected]
  • But in KoBoCollect it shows up as 2 newlines?
    Is there another option to control line breaks?
    Here an example with acknowledge type
  1. Preview/Enketo
  2. KoBoCollect
    XLSForm in Excel is
    Directly after . [dot] in first sentence is 1 Ctrl+Enter in Excel.

As we also experienced that KoBo is removing multiple blanks in labels, we would appreciate a link where this automatic treatments/changes in labels documented, please.
Kind regards