No address associated with host name -problem while submission of Kobo forms

Please help me in this;
We are encountering problem while trying to submit forms in KoboCollect. There are 150 same forms available in both the “Ready to Send” and “Sent” folders, all marked with a red error sign. Although the forms are visible in the “Sent” folder, they do not appear in the report or submitted data. While trying to submit from from “Ready to Send” folder, forms are not being uploaded in the server with the message “Error: Unable to resolve host No address associated with hostname”

Key points to note:

  • The form is still deployed.
  • Date and time settings on the device are accurate.
  • URL, username, and password in the server settings are correct.
  • The internet connection is stable.

Screenshot of Ready to Send folder

Welcome to the community, @santosh73! Could you kindly share a screenshot of your SETTINGS>Server so that the community would better understand whether the configuration was done correctly?

Thank you for your response @Kal_Lam
Here it is:

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@santosh73, is this an issue for only a single user (enumerator)/device, or is it an issue for other enumerators/devices too? When did you strat getting this issue from?

The problem is occurred only in one of our enumerator’s device since 5:00 Monday, January 1, 2024 (GMT).

@santosh73, maybe try opening the saved submissions to see if there are any mandatory questions that have not been filled up? Sometimes, when that could also block the submissions from being submitted to the server.