No “geopoint” responses have been received

dear sir

please fix this problem - No “geopoint” responses have been received

aMgUzXBXpKVjk2apB25ieF.xlsx (26.5 KB)

@spsmedia, would you also mind checking your GPS data by downloading then in XLS dataset (to see if it’s there)? Please feel free to reach us back.

Hello @spsmedia,
This GPS question is in a repeat group. Repeat group items are generally not visible in data table or modal view. Only in download (extra sheet)…


Sir, what should I do that I request you to show the data on the map, please tell me that process and what is the problem, definitely mention it.

@spsmedia, as outlined by @wroos, if your geopoint is within the repeat group, it will not display in the map.

Sir, I have the same issue, Based on your reply, I can understand that this is not possible right now. Is there any possibility to fix this in future? Many Thanks.

@wasantha_wijenayake, maybe you could create a features request here.