No option to delete archived form

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I am trying to delete a form that is currently archived with 200+ submissions, however, when I click on the … there is no option to delete this form. However, when I look at other forms archived within this same account, the option to delete is possible.

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@poppy, would you mind sharing with me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hello, thanks for your quick reply. I have just replied to the email message.

Hello, thanks for you you’re quick reply. Is this the correct email to send the username and password to? Also, what is the server?




@poppy, you could send a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:


I don’t think I can see a reply option in a red box.

Would you mind trying it from the community forum?

Yes, I have just sent you a message.

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@poppy, it’s a shared project (hence you are not able to see the Delete option). As a solution, you will have to request the user (who shared you these projects) to un-share it from the sharing.

Thanks, this is good to know. I will get in touch with this person. Thank you for you help.

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