No Such Column: GeometryType(code1) Error

EVen after uninstalling and reloading, some of my tablets are giving me this screen.

Hi @bkgwadi,

Would you mind sharing with me the screenshot of your General Settings>Server. The screenshot should be able to give a hint on why the same is happening at your end.

Have a great day!

That error is what I get when I tap the KoboCollect app icon. I can’t access anything, can’t open anything, tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail. I wouldn’t want to do a factory reset on the whole set of tablets that I am using.

Hi @bkgwadi
I would suggest the following measures

  1. Uninstall KoboCollect from your tablet
  2. Go to your folders and search for the folder labeled ODK.
  3. Back up this folder somewhere on your phone e.g. by copying it and renaming it to something else such as backup_odk_Date
  4. Delete the ODK folder
  5. Reinstall KoboCollect and run the app to see if it is working properly:
  • If it does, then the issue is that there is a form in your files that is causing this issue. You need to identify which one.
  • If still persists, then try uninstalling the app and see what is the use



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Hi @bkgwadi,

Sorry unable to view the image.

Have a great day!

Thank you. It worked but all my collected data had to be recaptured!