Non-Latin script language versions - Amharic Unicode

We have our forms ready in English and are now translating the content into various other languages. For non-Latin scripts, I instructed the translators to use the proper Unicode characters and shared them a link to the relevant support article.

I just received a question from our Amharic translator, who is not sure if they have the correct system. This is what they wrote me:

“I am using the simple typing font type- Power Geez Unicode I.”

Is it ok if they write their Amharic translations with this font?
If not, what changes they/we need to do?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome back to the community, @Suvi! Generally, I translate the content using google translate so that I am able to use the translated contents as unicode which is supported by the system. Maybe the community should also have other options that is better then the one I am using.

Thanks for your response, @Kal_Lam. Google translate would be enough for some basic content, but to ensure appropriate translations of more complex issues we need to use translators who know the cultural aspects as well.

Is there any way to check if the font type is using “proper Unicode characters”?
Or can we assume that their font type is “proper Unicode” since it has Unicode in its name?

Generally, I do the following to check if the translations are in Unicode through the following steps:

  • Open the XLSForm that has the translations in Unicode.
  • Select all the contents.
  • Change the font to some different fonts.

If the text remains unchanged then I am sure that the text (contents) has been translated with Unicode. If the same gets changed then I know that it has not been properly changed to Unicode.

Ok, thanks a lot! I asked them to send a short sample translation for such a test and all is fine :+1:

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