Not able to deploy my xlsform in the server

Good Day,

Hi @Kal_Lam i have encountered problem related to the previous project that you have solved. Can you help me with this?.Thank you

Tbaseline profiling.xlsx (16.8 KB) he form was created thru enketo

@EWPD1, have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? It should help you identify syntax issues present within your xlsform.

The form is valid, but when I redeploy the form it prompt stated in dialogue box. Kindly view the screen shot I attached

@EWPD1, when validating your xlsform through the online validator, I could see the following error message:

When further digging it down, I could see that you are trying to use conditions from within a repeat group:

Maybe you could use some if-statements here to control what you wish as discussed in the previous post:

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