Not able to edit permissions for users

I am not able to edit permissions of project.
When i select a user for editing sometimes the error displayed is "Failed to load permissions’.
On other occasion, editing permissions for a specific user results in change in permissions of another user which is quite weird.
I tried updating permissions for user A as highlighted in attached screenshot but it got updated for the user B as marked.

Kindly look into the matter.

@mohan_n, would you mind providing the exact steps on what you did so that we could try replicating it at our end? Could you also kindly let us know the server you are using? That should help us troubleshoot the issue.

It got resolved after I deselected the ‘Publicly share the link’ options at the bottom of ‘sharing permissions’ window.
However, this was never an issue earlier as I could update permission despite the form and submissions being public.

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@mohan_n, thank you for updating this with the entire community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: