Not able to fetch the images submitted in forms in tableau dashboard

I have the direct link of all the images submitted via forms, Those link are working on chrome. But when I use the same links in tableau web object on dash board it shows “Not shared”.
Things I did :

  1. Shared the form data publically.
  2. Connected the data via api ( to tableau.

My goal is to just fetch the those images submitted in form in tableau using direct urls…

Please can someone guide me…I am searching for weeks but not able to go ahead with this . It always shows “Not shared” in the tableau web object window instead of image.

Do you mean without connecting them through KoBoToolbox’s API?

I found the solution. Actually the owner had not shared the data only with me. Sorry for that, I didn’t knew that. Everything is working fine now.

Thankyou for your support, I got to learn more from the references given by you…

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@rupeshpatil80040, thank you for confirming that it finally worked out for you.