Not able to pull data in Excel

We have the same problem, In Excel, I tried to pull data into Excel with the API and I received error 404 many times now. I did removed the public availability and set it back a few times now and it still not working :(( project starts soon and I would need some help with this

Welcome to the community @manuelachis! Would you mind having a look at our support article Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query. It should help you solve your issue. If you are still having issues, please feel free to reach us back with the exact location on where you are stuck. The community would love to help you out.

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Solved! with introducing credentials in Excel

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It happen the same to me, I followed all those procedures at “Pulling Data into Excel Power Query” i see this message " The webpage cannot be found" Thanks

Hi @augustinoseja
This seems to be an issue with the URL you indicated. Do you mind rechecking that part?


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Hi and Happy New Year!

I encounter the same problem, I want to pull data in excel WITHOUT making data public.

I have tried it with many forms and I get the message: “unable to connect. Web contents failed to get contents from ‘’ 404:Not Found”.

It works only if I make the data public.

I use these instructions Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query — KoBoToolbox documentation

Thank you!

Welcome back to the community, @helios_me! Have you gone through this section of the support article?

It should solve your issue.

Hi Kal Lam and thank you replying!

This is the article that I follow.

I paste the URL (e.g. but then I get the message I mentioned above.


I had to first go to Get Data->Data source settings->Edit Permissions and edit Type.
And then type the URL.

Thank you Kal Lam!

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Thank you for confirming @helios_me!