Not able to submit kobo collect survey responses


I’m not able to submit my kobo collect responses, they are all stuck on send finalized form, they dot not appear under edit saved forms. I get an error (500) when I try to submit form. See attached

Kindly help in rectifying this issue

Welcome to the community, @chendela! Are you on a self-hosted server, or are you on a non-humanitarian server?

I’m a self-hosted server. Would it be possible to jump on a short call for you to help me in rectifying this issue?

Your kobocollect should be configured for your custom URL instead of the public server. That’s why it’s failing.

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@chendela, you should be able to configure it here as shown in the image below as outlined by @ks_1:

When clicking on Android application, you will see the URL you need to set to your device. You could configure your app as outlined in this support article: