Not able to submit through bulk submission from system to the server

Hello everyone, I’m trying to make a bulk submission to the server through my PC but i’m unable to do so. this is the error message i’m getting

Hi @Matolab,

Could you also list out the steps you followed to make a bulk submission. This would flag the community and the KoBoToolbox team to have a look at the point where you had problem with.

Would also like to share with you the support article on how to make a bulk submission if in-case you have not gone through.

Article: Manually uploading submissions


Thanks. I have read article and i followed the steps there in

  1. I copied the instances pot of the phone

  2. I converted the instances folder to zip file

  3. I went to and upload it

But I’m getting the error message. what c

Hi @Matolab,

Would you mind following the steps outlined below:

Note: The link is applicable if you wish to upload the bulk submission to the HHI server. Replace the your_username to your account user name. Also use the appropriate link i.e. if you wish to upload the bulk submissions to the OCHA server.

I just tried out and it worked fine for me.


I Just tried your method now @
al_Lam but I’m still getting the same error
this is are the instances I’m trying to submit

joseli is the username
please help because I’m frustrated right now