Not able to upload Kobo's Library template file

Hi everyone,
my team and I are trying to make a comprehensive (public) library of all goo questions we come across. As a starting point, we used the Excel file, you can download from the Kobo website (here).

Unfortunately, we are unable to actually upload this file onto our Kobo instance or the public kobo instance. It says one of the sheets needs to be called “survey” or “library”.

One of the sheets is already called library, but it does not work. We have tried to check the spelling, make sure there are no hidden “spaces”. Start a new file with copying the data, starting a new file with new data.

Nothing works, when one sheet is called library.

It works, when you change the name to “survey”, but obviously not in the way intended anymore. As it does not read the tags or blocks then, and makes all questions into one block and survey, and does not add them to the actual library properly.

Anyone has an idea about this?

Thank you very much in advance!