Not All Forms are being Uploaded (or Sent) to main Database on Kobo


We have been running a series of surveys including one in Tanzania. MY colleague enumerators have been completing forms and then “Send the Finalised Form” from their devices. However only 50% of all forms are not being uploaded for some reason. Are these forms lost? Can we retrieve them? How can we resend these so that they join the rest of the database of forms on Kobo online. Grateful for any suggestions and action to be taken.

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Welcome to the community @schoen1966! Could you also let us know the mode of data collection your colleagues are using i.e. are they using Enketo or are they using KoBoCollect android app?

Thanks for yours. We were using KoboCollect on android phones

@schoen1966, could you let us know why is it that you are not able to send your data from the KoBoCollect android app to the KoBoToolbox server? Kindly please be detailed so that we could help you solve your issue. Would also appreciate if you could share with us a screenshot of the submission error that you see in the KoBoCollect android app.

Hi yes indeed. My colleagues completed the forms, saved the forms on exit and then “send finalised form”. They did this successfully for in one enumerator for 35 forms OK, but actually completed 59 forms altogether. So 35 were “send finalised form” ok and 24 didn’t go. However on her “View Sent Form” it shows there have been 59 forms sent. I will try and get a screen shot of this. There is no error message but just forms that show they have been uploaded but they do not appear in the main database when I check the full database through Kobo humanitarian.

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Here is the screenshot from the Phone showing that 59 forms have been “Send Finalised Form” but only 35 have arrived at the database on line.! AND (upload://7pAtk9UGnhmcV4zj6KFarox0iLs.jpeg)

- the second screen shot is the form we can look at but does not appear in the database on Kobo Humanitarian.

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OK, looking at your screenshot it seems like a total of 59 forms have been synced with the KoBoToolbox server. There still seems to be 1 left that is not sent. For this 1 that has not been synced, you could simply do the following:

  • Open the Edit Saved Form.
  • Check out if there are any questions unanswered. If they are unanswered, you could complete them. Once your incomplete forms are complete you could sync them with the KoBoToolbox server by pressing the Send Finalized Form as you normally do.

Once this is done, please check your server, the data should be there. If it’s not there, please feel free to reach us back.

Did you “Clone” the used form during data collection? (See title of screenshot). This might cause a risk that part of the forms have been sent to the original project.

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Hi I will ask the enumerator about the last form. Maybe that is holding back the full sync. I’ll see and report back.

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Umm. I hadn’t noticed that at all. I didn’t clone the form but again I will check with the enumerator. I am sitting in the UK and the team is in Dar es Salaam so not the easiest of projects to manage. :slight_smile:

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Hi I have asked the enumerator about cloning the form and she isn’t aware she did this. How would that have happened and where is the original project located as I only see the latest forms when I go on the Kobo Dashboard through my laptop. As you can tell I am quite a novice at the ins and outs of Kobo. Still learning…

Hello, I just checked if I as owner online had cloned the project but no this did not happen. Interesting idea…how would an enumerator have cloned a form? Thanks

Your screenshot shows “Clone of …” as title. Is this your projec/form name?
Cloning a (empty) form/project can only be done with related rights on server level, not locally by enumerator.

The “View Sent Form” counts all forms on this device/installation. So, some might be from another form/project, e.g…during training, test etc. Even if the form was later deleted.

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Hi. No this is not the title of the project. The title is actually “Empowering Women in Small Scale Fisheries for Sustainable Food Systems_INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONNAIRE” and I cannot see anything that would suggest there is a clone of this project at all. Once the survey was deployed all I have done is go in to check on data that is being uploaded and not fiddle with either the form or user rights. This problem has materialised at the end of a long process where data collection in 5 countries has gone well. I am not sure what to do next.

@schoen1966, would you mind sharing with me a screenshot of your android app General Settings>Server through a private message. Maybe i could have a closer look at your issue.


I have now discovered that my enumerator used a form called “ Clone Empowering Women in Small Scale Fisheries for Sustainable Food Systems_INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONNAIRE”. But this is not a form I created nor deployed. How is this possible. I am attaching the screen shot she kindly sent me to show you both the clone and the form she should have used. The forms (all 59 are still on her phone but of course there is no where for them to be uploaded to…I think. Please the screen shot below.

Dear both Kal and Wroos,

Thanks so much for your support. I ran out of the number of messages I was allowed to make on my first day hence my silence over the w/e.

The issue was resolved. One of the administrators in country had created a clone form without telling me and it was that clone form that the team of enumerators were using. The team simply started using the clone and that threw me - they hadn’t stopped to ask me if this was correct.

The question now is can I merge the “clone” form results with the original where I have all the other 1500 responses? Or is it best to do this in Excel after downloading the two forms and merging them into one?


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Thank you informing the entire community on what had happened at your end. Would you mind following this support article Manually Uploading Submissions. It should solve your issue.

Thanks Kal. Another good suggestion. I’ll read and see if I can apply this solution to this. All the best.

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