Not allowed to make submissions

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I need help in resolving this permission issue, most of our users who have been added to our form and have been submitting surveys for a while are now getting permission denied errors messages.

And the kobotoolbox site has been very slow of late. Please I need help on what to do… Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Aus7yne! Would you mind sharing with me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Username: xxxxxxxxx
Project: Peer Educators Data collection (Ripple Project)
Server: Humanitarian

OK, so you have shared your admin account name. Could you now share the account that is not able to make submissions to the server? Please share the details through a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you. Message sent

@Aus7yne, would you mind checking the date and time of users device that is having the submission error issue?

Yes, I have checked a few of their devices and they seem to have the correct date.

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Hello @Kal_Lam, I hope you are well? The same issue still persists and the date on our devices are correct, our users can’t submit their filled forms and we have difficulty sharing our form to new users, please we need urgent assist… Thank you


We can’t add new users to our form and we can’t edit permission of our users, see screenshot above…

@Aus7yne, I am still looking at your issue. In the mean time could you also let me know the total number of users you have shared your project with?

We have above 250 users who have access to it @Kal_Lam

OK. Now could you share with me a user’s General Settings>Server configuration who has reported the submission error so that we could also be able to understand more with the configuration settings.


OK, is this user also having submission issues?

Yes, this is one amongst others and also this user was given permission to add other users but of recent she hasn’t been able to.

She has same you don’t have permission issue

And do you see this issue when you try to submit a record to the server at your end?

As the admin I don’t see such permission error so am able to submit

@Kal_Lam we have almost 10,000 records sent in already, everything was working just fine then this permission error just started showing up for everyone added

@Aus7yne, are you able to submit a record from one of the user’s account by configuring the account to your device instead of using your admin account? This should also be helpful for our investigation.