Not allowed to preview. Error stating duplicate choices

Hi I have reviewed my form, and replaced xml values with the actual choice responses for some multiple choice questions as I need these to show because I am linking my form to power bi (on another post stephen suggested that I do this).

I am now however getting the following error when I try to preview my form
“There does not seem to be a allow_choice_duplicates column header defined in your settings sheet. You must have set allow_choice_duplicates setting in your settings sheet to have duplicate choice list names in your choices sheet”

I do not understand this, as i do not have duplicate choices within the same question.

July28workbook2duplcatechoices.xlsx (82.7 KB)

I did subsequently remove as suggested police officer and retired.

However, in the question where I am asking the primary applicant, then in an idexed repeat group the individual’s there employment status, the choice responses are the same.

I do need these responses to be summed in a calculation. Do I still need to use some distinction ? This was not necessary when the xml value was numeric.

July28workbook2duplcatechoices.xlsx (82.6 KB)

Choice responses may be the same but available for other questions. Please assist in resolving.

Hi @scherrie,

There are 2 files you shared. Which file should the community verify? Could you please let the community know. If it’s 2 issues (you are trying to express), would advise you to create 2 post (one for each post) so that the discussions could be well documented in the community!

Have a great day!

The second file

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HI @scherrie,

Try avoid using spaces while defining a value label for a variable under the name column. I see spaces and parentheses in your xlsform (as shown in the image below):


Have a great day!

Thanks for the response. My question is that if this file is then linked to Power BI, would the responses then have to be normalized. I would prefer that for example “Saint Lucia” will be displayed as such and not as “SaintLucia”.

How can this be achieved?

Hi @scherrie
Can you confirm that this will be a single select choice. If so, then there are definately discussions that have happened to how to pull the data labels. As such you will need to use the instructions provided by @Kal_Lam on how to enter your values.

I believe this discussions have happened here as you were definately in the trail.


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Most likely those responses are single select.


Hi @scherrie,

If it’s the case for a select_one question type kindly please follow the instructions as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Have a great day!