Not allowed to Submit even after granting permission


I am struggling with a form. The form has been created with my business account, Vikalp Sansthan. We want to deploy it for employees in the field, but they should be able to access with their own accounts. To test, I shared the form with my personal account, and the option is on that allows submission without username and password, but it still says I don’t have permission to access the server when I log in with my personal account. We don’t want them to log in with the business account because then they’ll be able to edit the form as well. Why is this happening that other users can’t access the form?

Hi @vikalpmel. I am a Kobo user just like you.

Please help me understand how the employees in the field are trying to access the forms. Is it via the KoboCollect app or the shared URL?

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Hi! Thanks for your response. It is through the Kobo Collect app, the newest version.

@vikalpmel, I have got two questions for you:

  • Were you able to share your project with your enumerator account?
  • Were they able to get the blank forms to their app?


we are only able to download the form from the business account itself, Vikalp. I shared the project with my personal account. Is that what you mean by Enumerator? I shared the vikalp project with my personal account (jahnavi) and gave myself all the perrmissions. I still was denied access to the server so I could not download any of the forms.