Not exactly one blank form matches


I am currently collecting data in the field, and one operator is really struggling.

At this stage he is unable to send finalised forms and all the forms end up landed in the edit saved forms folder.

He is getting a recurrent error message that reads:
Not exactly one blank form matches this jr_form_id. Form has not been saved as finalised

Any chance you could help resolve?



Hi @Cesc,

This may sometimes happen in the following cases:

  • If you have not completed the form (i.e. not filled up all the questions from the form).
    The solution for this type of issue is to fill up all the questions and try Sending the Forms to the Server again.

In some cases, you could overcome this issue by doing the following (if you think the forms are filled up completely but still show up in the Edit Saved Form):

  • Open the completed form from the Edit Saved Form
  • Press Go To End
  • Click on Mark form as finalized (only if unchecked)
  • Press Save Form and Exit
  • Now press Send Finalized Form and try sending the filled up form to the server again.

Sometimes, you could also see for the following configuration under your KoBoCollect android app to see if the following is distorted (i.e. Mark form as finalized is unchecked). In such cases too, you may have to face similar issues. To overcome this issue follow the instructions as outlined in the images below:

Have a great day!

Many thanks for the speedy reply; these are the first things I checked on my initial troubleshoot with the healthcare worker, it’s all filled in and the mark as finalized is also selected automatically.

Is there anything else that could cause this issue?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi @Cesc,

If you have checked all those listed above (and everything seems to be OK), would you mind checking out the General Settings>Server and sharing us the screen shot of the same. That page too should inform a lot. You could share the screenshot in a private message.

Have a great day!

Hello,thanks a lot! How can I send you a private message, sorry new to the community.