Not including Other in repeated group


I want to ask about repeated groups,
I have a repeat group based on select multiple question, and I want to include the repeat for all choices except for the “other” that is a choice in the select multiple question.


@Ahmad6694, could you provide more details on this so that the community should also be able to help you solve your issue?

Hey @Kal_Lam,
Here is my tool attached here,

The issue that I am facing is I have selected multiple questions and it include the "Other’ choice
Template.xlsx (16.8 KB)
in it,
I want to make repeated group based on the selection but not including other.
in the web version, it worked perfectly but in the kobo collect app if you select other as a first option it will open a loop for it. and this is the issue.

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@Ahmad6694, it works fine for me in both Enketo and Collect android app. When you are in the Collect android app you will need to swipe forward to see the results.