Not unique uuid

Hello. Can someone tell me why the uuids of the applications are the same? Shouldn’t they be completely unique? If not, what does it depend on?

Hi @soeungi,

If you want to use some form of unique ID, you can use ID in kobotoolbox, it seems there is an ongoing problem with UUID, there are open github issues for this problem:

And this one:


Could this be treated with higher priotity, please?
And it is a known bug/problem since some years already.

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@soeungi, did you clone your project (data) or manually upload your data to the server?

All data was downloaded manually. I already realized that this is an old problem. I have several questionnaires and none of them have had problems like this before, and now only one of them has this problem. Therefore, I thought that perhaps the problem was specifically in my kobo form.