Number of rows that can be selected using cascade select

I want to select schools using cascade select for 1300 schools.
Is there a limit on the number of rows for cascade select?
I was getting duplicated issues. As I have so many school names I changed the name to a unique number. Maybe that is what I went wrong.

If you have a long list a choices, it’s always good to use the external files. This should help you improve the performance of your data entry form.

Maybe the post discussed previously (which uses select_one_from_file) should help you solve your query:

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Thanks for the reply. I have sorted it out. Do could you tell me if it is possible to create a cascade select in more than one language? I think I would need to export the xls file and add the other language under the choices fields.

Anyway, I have rewritten your instructions a little to make them clearer.!AhfGsxr8hYaRibkD_-NuCjtPSWNuVw?e=5qsysx


Yes, it should be possible to have multiple languages with a cascading select choices.