Number of total projects different than the actual number

This might be discussed by others, but I’m sorry I couldn’t find the keyword to search for it. I have, however, read some other topics but I couldn’t find the exact issue.

On our instance, we have had many different forms (around 900 projects deployed), however, the main interface only displays 131 (goes up to 145 if no Drafts are saved) and that isn’t the same number of deployed projects.
On another note, when we use old forms in the field and want to retrieve/download its data, we always need to go back to the legacy portal to find the projects.

The main interface does not show all the forms deployed, and to my understanding the legacy portal is on its way to being removed. So is this issue going to be solved? Are there any alternatives/workarounds when it comes to previewing very old forms and downloading its data?

Thank you!