Numbering The Times Form is Opened

I want to be able to number each form when it is opened. For example the first form to be opened will have the number 1 with the following form to be opened having the number 2 and so on.

Do you mean the number of times a form is edited?

The number of times Data is sent to the server.

So do you mean you wish to have a unique submission id that keeps track of the submissions made to your server? Suppose you sent 5 submissions to the server, so you wish to have something like id 1 for the fist submission, 2 for second submission5 for the fifth submission?

Yes my Idea was to have the year, day and a # as the ID. Lets say the first submission was done today so the ID would be 2021-16-1 and if the second submission was done tomorrow the ID would be 2021-17-2 and so on. Or if the submission was done on the same day then the ID would be 2021-16-2.

@Fried1, providing a serial number starting from 1 and continuing may not be possible at the moment but you could still have a look at some of our workarounds discussed previously that should help you create a unique id number based on certain variables entered previously: