Obtaining absolute value in calculation


Is there a way to force the obtention of an absolute value in a calculation ?
I tried ABS(${answer = value1}-${answer = value2}) but it does not seem to work.
Any idea ?

Welcome to the community, @francois_sandrin! Could you list a dummy question and a dummy response to it and a sample of what you would like to see so that the community could better understand and respond to your query?

Thank for your response Kal_Lam

Here are more details, I hope that helps :
From previous questions, I obtain a gap and an excedent
I then want to know if I can fill the gap with the excedent and what this value could be.
My formula looks like this :
if(${gap}>0 and ${excedent}>0, ${gap}-${excedent,0)
The think is that excedent can be higher than gap and inversely, but I obligatory need a positive value for ‘‘gap-excedent’’.

So my question is simple : How to always obtain the absolute value of a number when a calculation can give either positive or negative values.


Never mind, I fund a solution by introducing a double “if” function : first case scenario, Gap>Excedent and 2 scenario Gap<Excedent with appropriate outcomes in both cases.
Thanks =)