Oct2023_Submission to google sheet Fails

Hi all, been working on this issue for days. I got an error massage saying Failed to send to gsheet. HEAD request result status code: 200.

I’ve tried multiple ways from clone the project to try different collect apps (Kobo collect and ODK)
This is several screenshot I would share

I was using Kobocollect v2023.1.2, then I tried again after I update the app to v2023.2.4, the issue is the same. Even I’ve tried using ODK and have the same result.

Did I miss something? tx in advance

Also, I’ve tried to validate the XLSForm online using ODK - XLSForm Online (getodk.org), download the XForm, and store it in the same folder with the XLSForm in GDrive.

Welcome @msanjaya
Maybe see: In Fall 2023, we will remove Google Drive/Sheets functionality from ODK Collect. Users will no longer be able to download blank forms directly from Google Drive or send completed forms directly to Google Sheets." Collect will stop connecting to Google Drive/Sheets in Fall 2023 - #8 by gmiranda - Support - ODK Forum.


ah… okay… very well noted. is there any option as similar things like submitting to gform?

@msanjaya, maybe you can switch back to the previous version of the Collect Android App to use that functionality.

surely 2023.1.2 doesnt work. but will try older version.