ODK Briefcase unable to pull encrypted submission data


ODK Briefcase version 1.17 is unable to pull encrypted submission attachments from the server. Version 1.15, however, seems to work fine.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Follow the instructions here: https://support.kobotoolbox.org/en/articles/592415-encrypting-forms
  2. When downloading ODK Briefcase, download the latest version (1.17).
  3. Try to pull encrypted submissions from the server.

Expected behavior

You should be able to pull them.

Actual behavior

Briefcase pulls the submissions themselves, which contain the encrypted key, but it cannot pull the submission attachments, which is where the encrypted submission data actually resides. Thus is it impossible to get the submission data.

Additional details

After spending many hours trying to figure out why this was happening I saw someone suggesting that ODK Briefcase 1.15 works. I installed that version and it works fine.

Hi @johnrbpalmer,

Would you mind trying out ODK Briefcase v1.15 or below. It should help you decrypt your data.

Have a great day!

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Yes - this is what I did and it solved the problem. (I posted the bug mainly in case others were experiencing it.)