ODK Collect to Kobo Toolbox Server


Im new to Kobo Toolbox and I have been having issues. I started generating forms online in ODK Build from online, exported the form in XLSForm and edited in Excel.

However I discovered the KoboTool Box Server and I wanted to use my same form so i imported the form into Kobo Toolbox via XLSForm import and deployed it.

From there I used my ODK Collect on my android phone to “Get Blank Form” which i successfully did.

But after a trial data collection, I tried sending the finalised form back to my account in Kobo and it failed. I rechecked the url and its linked to my account.

Im still having the same issue. Please any solutions.

Welcome to the community, @retail! Did you mean you wanted to submit the data from the Collect android app to the KoboToolbox server deployed from ODK Build?