ODK GPS cannot capture coordinates in certain areas

Hi Support Team
there are several things I want to ask

  • When the enumerator makes GPS points/coordinates at a certain location, why can’t the ODK GPS capture that location, even though the enumerator has tried to be in an outdoor position
  • Does the brand/type of cellphone affect the GPS capture point, because currently not all enumerators experience this.

Thank You

@fahmi_admin, yes, your smartphone brands could affect the accuracy and speed of data collection when using geopoint. The better brands could offer you high accuracy and speed when collecting geopoint data, while a cheap brand would be the opposite for the same.

This effect could, however, be minimized through the aid of an Android app called the Active GPS. Try installing it on your phone and that could reduce the time taken by your device to capture the GPS point.

Thank you for the explanation, but if the brand/type of cellphone really affects the level of accuracy, the speed of collecting GPS points, do you have any suggestions on which brand it is best to use?

@fahmi_admin, don’t have an exact choice, but the more expensive the better performance it delivers.

Ok thank you :+1:

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