ODK Report

The csv file i uploaded on the media (settings) was formatted this way
After concluding data entry, my report is showing the Unique ID as “Unique_ID” instead of the “label” (AD00111).

Is there a way I would download my report, for it to show me the labels on the csv rather than the name (Unique_ID) as we cannot go back for another data collection exercise (the phase and time has elapsed).

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @kelvinaeb! Could you kindly share with the community the label returning Unique_ID instead of AD00111?

Maybe having a screenshot would help us understand your issue pictorially.

Hi @Kal_Lam thanks for your prompt reply.
Here is a screenshot of it

Also, here is a screenshot of the report

I hope this helps?

Hi @Kal_Lam is there no way out to resolve this?
I can’t analyze the data due to this issue.
Please, you guys should help me.

Your first CSV is wrong.
See this example: Question Types - ODK Docs

type name label hint
select_one opt_abcd select_one_widget Select one widget select_one type with no appearance, 4 text choices


list_name name label
opt_abcd a A
opt_abcd b B
opt_abcd c C
opt_abcd d D

As you can see, name has to be different. What you did is similar to:

list_name name label
opt_abcd Unique_ID A
opt_abcd Unique_ID B
opt_abcd Unique_ID C
opt_abcd Unique_ID D

So the user will see A B C D when filling in, but it will always save Unique_ID.

As for your question if it is possible to get the values of the labels, I think only the names are stored, not the labels.

Did you do a test run before doing the data collection?

Thank you so much @nmambre. This is helpful.

Due to the urgency for the data collection, it wasn’t test run before going live. I believe that was where I made a costly mistake.

Thank you once again, I appreciate.