ODK Validate error - Cannot deploy

Hi all,

I keep getting this error and i dont know where it is coming from. Kindly assist unfortunately as a new user i cannot attach the file.

DK Validate Errors: >> Something broke the parser. See below for a hint. Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate The following files failed validation: ${tmpt0me2921} Result: Invalid.


Hello @werdna014 ,
there is a dependency cycle: same variable (or dependency) is used in a relevant and in calculation. So, check for this combination. I think, it may also be 2 relevants or two calculations interdependent.
Simplified, something like this

type name label relevant calculation
integer Q1 Q1 ${Q2} < ${Q1}
integer Q2 Q2 (Q1 + 10) ${Q1} + 10


type name label relevant
integer Q1 Q1 ${Q2} < ${Q1}
integer Q2 Q2 (Q1 + 10) ${Q1} != ${Q2}

Both will work in Preview, but will crash on deploy:.

Of course, in reality the dependency will be less easy to see.
Kind regards


Super, many thanks.

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