Offline data collect

am fredy from tanzania,i need your support in setting kobo collect since i get some challenge when i want to collect data offline using KOBO application,the system is disable to me when i upload the form it allow only online data collection and the massage that appear said" AN UNKNOWN ERROR HAS OCCURRED…IO EXCEPTION DURING PARSE!/STORAGE/EMULATED/0ANDROID/DATA

Welcome to the community, @searchtanzania! Could you also let us know the tool you are using to collect data i.e. are you using Enketo also known as web-form or are you using Collect android app to collect your data?

am using collect android app

Could you also let us know the server you are using?

Could you uninstall your Collect android app that is currently installed in your device and then install the latest version from the play store? This should solve your issue. Feel free to reach us back if the issue still persists.

i try to uninstall but the problem not yet solved
please if you can try to pass through in kobo account


Which version of the android OS and the KoBoCollect android app is your device using?

android version 8.1.0(Hios v3.3.0)
koBoCollect version v1.30.1

Are you able to get blank forms from your server? Try getting a blank dummy project to your server?

yes I am
but if i want to fill the form an error msg occurred

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state that
"An unknown error has occurred.Please ask your project leadership to email with information about this form

IO exception during parse,/storage/emulated/0/android/files/forms/

Not a good solution but a workaround.
I think you know this already but I would use the webform until you get the app to work.

@searchtanzania, at this point I feel that there should be some syntax issues in your xlsform. Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? Try validating them there and see if it has any issues. If you are still not able to identify any syntax issues, please feel free to share them with the community. If you feel the xlsform should be treated confidentially, please feel free to share it through a private message. Kindly please let us know what happens. The response should be helpful for a lot of our users.

let me try to validate through online
then i will back to you

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I tyr to build form through online by Kobo but I face the same challenge as I presented early

So you mean, even when you tried to create a new project from the form builder UI, you faced the same issue? Could you share with us a screenshot of the error message you are seeing this time?


@searchtanzania, do you have both ODK Collect android app and KoBoCollect android app installed in your same device? If yes, could you remove one that you are not using frequently? This should solve your issue.

Hello,now I manage to access a form from Kobo collect
What I noted is, previous I was not fill in several items such( general setting) username and password so after filling on those side it is okay now
Thanks team kobo for your support

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