Offline data collection with encrypted web-based forms

Hi all - Has anyone been able to auto save or save drafts of encrypted web-based forms during data collection? Enketo’s blog post mentions that these features are disabled for encrypted forms, but I’ve managed to make it work with a test form. Before we begin the project I want to confirm whether others have had issues using these features on encrypted web-based forms during data collection, specifically with offline data collection,

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@SWolfLumos, I confirm that I was too able to save the filled-up form as a draft when collecting data with both Enketo as well as Collect android app.

While collecting data with Enketo, I could simply press the Save Draft as shown in the image shared below (to save the encrypted forms as a draft):


Similarly while collecting data with Collect android app, I could save the filled-up forms as a draft by unchecking the Mark form as finalized and then pressing the Save Form and Exit as shared in the image shared below.

So the point I wanted to highlight here is that both Enketo and Collect android app supports saving a filled-up form as a draft. Maybe @martijnr should be able to explain more on this.

Thanks very much @Kal_Lam. @martijnr I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Thanks for reporting. This may be a recently introduced bug!

I’ve filed it here: [tbc] It is possible to

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