Offline data submission

Hi everyone,

I’m new to using Kobo as a data capture platform and just had a quick question about data collection with inconsistent user access to the internet. Some of my intended user groups would ideally capture data immediately after an event; however, it’s foreseeable that some will not have access to the internet at that time.

Is it possible for users to partially/fully complete a form offline and then submit the data once they have access to the internet?


Yes, it is entirely possible for users to fill in Kobo forms offline and submit them once they have internet access. To do this, users must first download the KoboCollect app from the Google Play Store and install the necessary forms when they have an internet connection. Then, they can fill in the forms offline in the field. Once they regain an internet connection, they can submit the completed forms via the app. This enables flexible data collection, even in areas without an internet connection, and ensures that data will be synchronized with the Kobo server as soon as a connection is available.

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@erica_c, adding to what @erica_c has advised. You can also collect your data with the web form and then submit it to the server once the device has an internet connection. You should be able to learn more through this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms. But please be cautious that when you are collecting data with the webform, never clear the cache of your browser before you submit your data to the server. Doing so would erase all your submissions without being able to retrieve them.