Offline mode in chrome


How does enketto offline feature really work? I loaded the form when I am online and used it just fine. Now I thought it is all cached so users can continue saving data in offline mode but when I try to open the page while offline, it doesn’t load the page.

What am I missing?

This is my site: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

Welcome to the community, @belebaba! This support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should help you understand how the web form aka Enketo works.

Thanks Kal_Lam. I followed the Add to Home Screen option (in android chrome; didnt want to use kobocollect app). When I open from the short cut, the loading icon is all that I see for about an hour by now. I assume Add. to Home Screen is the only way to enable offline state?

@belebaba, this is something you will need to be careful with when loading a form in Enketo: