On data download panel, its not showing me include fields from e,g 4 deloyed

I tried to edit my submissions but some entries are missing in the submitted form. when i load the form its returning blank. i also try to download they were blank

Welcome to the community, @misictlagos2019! Maybe it was blank when submitting to the server. Could you also share with the community a screenshot of the same so that we could also understand your issue pictorially?

You can notice there are blank fields which won’t have been able to submit in the first place because they are mandatory questions. But editing it now it’s bringing blank, what could have happened to there content.

Thank you

Have you tried editing it through the PC browser?

YES, PLEASE that is exactly what I did.

OK, could you also share with the community the screenshot of the edits that has missing records when trying the same in the PC browser?

Hi @misictlagos2019
Welcome to the community forum. I want to take a different approach to your issue.

Potential Cause One
The theory: If the most recent form-deployment introduced a change in the question-requirement or introduced some new questions, then one would be automatically forced to use this most recent deployment version when editing a submission. Ideally, this form difference will require that submissions done using older forms must be revised to match the recent deployment definition, including updating questions that may not have been compulsory previously.

  • To prove this, you will need to confirm if the submission you are editing was collected using a previously deployed version of the form. Check on that version of the deployed form to see if it had these questions required. If not, this is the cause of your problem. You can resolve it by ensuring you enter that information.
  • Another level of validation is data download. If you download the data and the columns representing the questions are blank, the submission was collected using a previous version of the form that did not have the questions or did not have them as compulsory.

Kindly let us look at the above first to determine if there is any other reason.


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