Open data in SPSS


I did the following steps to input data to SPSS:

however, the labels syntax from SPSS cannot be run, due to this error:

/gender ‘Giới tính’

Warning # 4461 in column 3. Text: gender
An unknown variable name was specified on the VAR LABELS command. The name
and the label will be ignored.

Who can tell me what is the meaning exactly and how can I fix this error.

Thank you.

Hi @terry87,

Please ensure that you have a variable named gender in the dataset. Seems like it is not recognizing the variable.

If it still causes error, you could do the same manually as follows:

  • In the syntax editor type: VAR LAB gender ‘Giới tính’. This is a syntax in SPSS where you are trying to label your variable gender to ‘Giới tính’.
  • Do not forget to end the syntax with a . at the end.
  • Select the syntax that you had typed.
  • Press CTRL+R


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Dear @terry87,
just an idea. It might be a problem of the character code you are using (through export, import). You may try with UTF-8 (in all steps).

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