Open source online dashboards

Does anyone have any recomendations or experience with open source online dashboard software that can pull data from the Kobo API? Power Bi is a nightmare to share dashboards with external parties and I’d be grateful for an alternative.

The specific issues I have is the reluctance for my organisation to allow external parties to access dashboards on our power bi server. Therefore I am looking for something open source and online which would allow multiple users/external users who can interact with the dashboards and download data in the same manner as PowerBi dashes.

Thanks in advanced

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Hi @dan_dane
Maybe if you expounded on the nightmare, it would help other users give you support on alternative dashboards.

I would however approach it by detailing the nightmares and checking for alternatives that would not inherit similar nightmares. The key rule for the dashboards is that if they accept API then they should be able to work.


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