Option to pull data from parent project dynamically also applicable to pull data from the same project?

The article Dynamic Data Attachments — KoBoToolbox documentation has attracted my interest, as it might bear solutions for several challenges.

One of them is that in a repeatedly applied form, a few answers change only rarely. So, it would be great, if we could pick the previously collected value, so that the enumerator can overwrite it only if the information has changed.

If a child project can pick data from a parent project, shouldn’t it be possible, too, that a form picks data from the OWN project?

Yes, this is possible. We will be updating the support article shortly.

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…oh, that sounds like great news, thanks so much!

I hope that the article will also point out, how to pull the desired variable from the exactly right form, if there are several forms on a certain school, but only the latest/youngest is relevant.

Could you explain more on this? Maybe with an example if possible.


Has the article been updated by now? Where do I find it?

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Not yet! We will let you know when we update them.

Hello! I tried referencing to its OWN project, similar to what was posted by @york_rff . @Kal_Lam are the updates available now? When I reference to its OWN project, it does not show the original answer and can’t select a response either.

@KulotHacks, we will update the article soon and let you know through the announcement.

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Hi, any news on this?

We will update it through the announcement when it’s ready.

Hi Kalyan

Did I miss the update or is this still under development?

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Sorry @york_rff! It’s not updated yet! It will be updated with the updates in the existing feature! Thank you for your understanding!