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Hi all, I have developed a web-based survey in English (default) and Arabic (second language). When I preview my form the only option I have is to view either the English version, or the Arabic.

Is there a way I can view both versions side by side? We think this will help the respondents taking the survey. It will be taken via a link on a computer.



Hi @Hannah,

At the moment KoBoToolbox does not have a feature to view your survey form for both the languages i.e. both English (default) and Arabic (second language). However, you could do this by following the steps listed below (by exploiting the use of the browser):

  • Open Chrome (or any other browser that you have in your laptop, desktop etc.)
  • Open the web survey form (Enketo) with English version
  • Minimize the browser
  • Open a fresh Chrome (or any other browser)
  • Open the web survey with Arabic version
  • Rearrange both the browser so that you are able to view both the forms simultaneously side by side (like you do to compare two word documents in your screen)
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Hello @Hannah,
Other workarounds could be:

  1. Mix both languages in one label (question and choices), like ‘Yes - نعم’
    and "No - لا’. For ex. beside a pure AR version, add AR texts to EN version
  2. Use hint or guidance_hint for the second language in the first language version

Both might be automated with XLSForm Excel formula.

  1. As you know, the user can always switch between the languages and back, at any question.

If it’s more for QA of translation you can use XLSForm download or the Manage Translation table (which unfortunately cannot be downloaded or printed).
We also work with the pdf print-outs in both languages (take care to change the KoBo system language AND the form language for AR).

Kind regards


Thanks @wroos
I would just add that the need to also be keen on how they would like to analyze their data and as such can keep one language version that has only the language of analysis and use this as the download language.


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just a hint:

  • Free text entries (and jr:choice-name usage) will stay in the used entry language, for ex. Arabic. Only labels can be changed/ translated with a 2nd version for download.
  • The 2nd (download) version could only help at the final end, after data collection (editing etc.), but not for monitoring during the survey (as this version needs to be deployed)…

Kind regards

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