'OR' instead of 'XOR' in kobotoolbox

When I tried to use a printed condition based question, it seems that the OR is a XOR ?
Is there a way to use a real OR statement ?

@timebis, so what difference did you get between the OR and the XOR in KoboToolbox? Could you explain it a bit further?

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Sure ! sorry for the lack of explanation.
When I select “La question doit correspondre à l’un de ces critères” in english " The question must match with one of thoses criteria".
It means "It need to match only one of those criteria (not 2 or 3) (= XOR statement). The skip logic i’m looking for is “It need to mach at least one of those criteria” (2 or 3 are OK) (= OR statement)

Here is an exmplation of OR and XOR :

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Hi @timebis,

It might be a translation issue in French Language, because i’m pretty sure it works as a OR gate, not an exclusive or gate.

In english version it states these two options:


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@timebis, do you have any example of a validation criteria with or that doesn’t work when both conditions are true?

Oh shit, after one more try, I understood the problem. When two answer were selected, an other group of question appear before the question I was expected.
Sorry for the error in the topic !


Hi @timebis, glad you solved your problem. I don’t know if swearing is allowed in the forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you @timebis for sharing the solution with the entire community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: