Our survey is generating empty lines

We created a survey available via the app & online and we were just wondering why it was generating empty rows.
In hindsight, it isn’t affecting our data but it was just to understand why it is doing this? is the issue from us ? is it the online version or the app? where can we find where the issue is coming from and especially, would you have a solution?


Hello @daviddrex and welcome to the community!

Can you share a screenshot of the empty lines you are referring?

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the first line is an example of what we get - we had at least 15 generated blank rows and these all came from our web version

@daviddrex Thank you for the screenshot. I have several questions:

  • Are the questions mandatory?
  • Did you redeploy / edit your form while you are collecting data?
  • Can you download your data in XLS format and XLS (legacy) format and check if the answers are also missing there?
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The questions are mandatory and when we did download the XLS file, the rows in question were empty -

we tested the online and app version before sending it out but we did not do anything after that - yet we did redeploy it once

@daviddrex, could you also let us know the server you are using?

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