Our Survey Isn't Showing Up on the KOBO App


One of our surveys isn’t showing up on KOBO. The FIES survey. Can you assist us with this, please?

So you mean this survey project Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) Survey does not display in enumerators Collect android app when trying to get blank forms? Is this the issue you/your team are facing?

If this is the issue, please be informed that it’s the app configuration issue. The project was shared by the admin to an enumerator’s account. To configure the project correctly you will need to follow the instructions outlined in this support article:


I reinstalled the app to have the latest version, and our FIES survey still isn’t showing up.

@farmstew, let us discuss your issue in only one post:

At the moment, it seems you are having the same issue in 2 different posts!