Overwrite Users, when there are two or more managers project adding users

Hello, I have a problem with my project, I added two users manager and they adding other users at the same time in a same proyect, and have notice the list of users is over write, I would like to knows is it a problem with the platform or isn’t possible to do.

Greatting for you.

I appreceate you help.

Welcome back to the community, @etrejosm! Could you provide more details about the issue? At the moment, your issue seems to be a bit unclear.

Sorry by delay…

Well, the issue happend when two managers of the same project were sharing the project with other users, it seems the work of one manager overwrote the work of the other manager did.

My specific question: Is it recommended to work on sharing the project at the same time by several users?.

Thanks you.

@etrejosm, projects can be managed simultaneiously or at different time intervals. Besides, what is the total number of users your team is planning to assing permissions to?

Thanks you, Actually the number of users is 60 and it can grow up to 120, and each user has a movil divice (tablet) and we want indentify who send the submission. and we need to organize the users in groups by geographic zones, The image shows how I did it.

Than you again.

@etrejosm, 60 should be a manageable user size.