Page gone blank while trying to view custom report

Hi Kal, My KoBo username is xxxxxxx. The project name is “Skin NTD Ghana-Health staff”. When the problem appeared and I wrote you first I was connected to an unknown server (I was in a hotel in Ghana). Now, since last 3 days, I am connected from a secure server at home with the following information (but still the problem persists):


Do not hesitate to ask me should you need any further information

Thanks a lot for your support ¡

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Hi @psurja,

Kindly please be informed that i have slightly modified your original post for security reasons. Do you mean you are not able to login to your user account?

Hi Kal,

Thanks for your message. As I mentioned in my previous emails, I can login to my user account without any problem. I can also enter into the project I have mentioned in my previous email. However, when I try to access to the section “Data/Report” to see the results of the questionnaire, the system gets blocked (i.e. the screen gets blank and nothing else happens). This is the link to that report which makes the system getting blocked. You could try to access to it in order to see by yourself the technical problem

As I also mentioned in my previous emails, that problem started to happen only after I tried to group the results of the questionnaire by one of the questions. Before doing that, the system was working properly and I could see the report of the project.


@psurja, could you provide me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Dear Kal,

I already did it yesterday, in response to your previous email asking for the same. Anyway, I am trying it again. Please, advice if the private message does not reach you. Thanks

Sorry have not received it ye. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you send me a private message:

Received and i could see the issue at my end. Will forward your case to our developers. Will let you know when the issue is solved.

Besides, do you remember the variable that you tried to group:

It should be helpful for us while investigating your case.

Sure, the variable was question number 3 “In what district do you work?”. I was trying to see if there were any differences in the responses depending on what district the participants were coming from.

Thanks a lot for your support ¡

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@psurja this should help us a lot.

@psurja, kindly please be informed that your issue has been solved.

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Excellent ¡¡ I checked it right now and indeed the problem has been solved. Thank you and the technical support team for that. Much appreciated

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