Page turns white when trying to open a specific form in the data tab

Hello, i have a private kobo server installed and everything works fine but sometimes when i click on the “open” button in the data section the loading window shows up and then the whole screen turns white, only way to get out is to refresh the page which takes me back to the data section.

I have no idea what causes it and if i change browsers or re-log the form loads without any issues so i have no idea how to reproduce it since it seems to be random.

The only error i managed to find is from the browser’s console when the page turns white, the logs from the server don’t show anything.

Here is a picture from the browser’s console when the page turns white but i’m not sure if it helps at all:

The browser the console errors picture is taken from is firefox but the issue has appeared on google chrome and edge explorer too and on a different computer.

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

@jamdumdum12, could you also let us know the total submissions you have for that project which whites out?

13 submissions in total but it also happens on a cloned project with a few changes in the form that has only 2 submissions.

@Kal_Lam Not sure if you got a notification about my answer, apologies the ping was not allowed.

Page turning white is a frontend issue as you’ve noticed. Are you using the public kobo images or have you built your own with changes in the code?
If they’re the public ones, what version are you running? Try updating to the latest version.
If that doesn’t solve the issue, then you could open a Github issue to let the developers know of this and hopefully they’ll fix it in the next release.

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