Panel Survey Structure in Kobo

We want to create a form that will be used for a baseline and follow-up for girls in school. We want to interview the same girls, a panel survey structure.
To make this work for data analysis we need a way to link the same person in the baseline and endline.
One option is to create a calculated field that uses a CONCAT to combine school name_ girls name_date of birth. We can make the schools restricted to a dropdown list and the date of birth field is good. However, there is scope for error if the girls name is spelt differently in the baseline and endline, which would cause our unique ID’s to not match as they should.
In another ODK based survey platform there was a way to create dropdown lists based on text fields from previous surveys; e.g. you see a list of names from the baseline as options for the endline, but automatically without having to upload the names as a dropdown list. I can’t seem to see this functionality in KoBo?
Another option would be to use the CONCAT to just pick the first letter of the name and surname and combine this with the school and date of birth to provide a unique ID that is less affected by misspellings of names.
I would like the advice of KoBo experts if the above is the best way to link data (from the same form) or if there is a better way? Any support or advice is greatly appreciated!

FYI: We will use the API to pull the data into another platform for the analysis.

@Chris123, maybe you could use the dynamic data attachment feature that should solve the issue of linking the baseline project with the endline project as outlined in our support article:

This is excellent thank you so much for sharing this and my apologies for not finding this solution by myself!