Parameter redirectURI replaceing path with "/thanks"

I have a workflow like this:

  1. user is browsing a website (not kobo) and clicks a link to add a new enketo form (single use)
  2. User opens up kobo enketo form and has some data populated in advance from url parameters
  3. User submits form to get redirected to original website.

If I open kobo/enketo forms in a browser with a url like:


The redirect URL seems to change from http://localhost:8080/projects/39 to http://localhost:8080/thanks

Is there a way to change this behavior?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hello, it looks like the parameter is actually returnURL (and it’s case insensitive). I tested this on and found that both returnUrl and returnURL work properly.

I’m guessing in your case that it looked like it was sort of working because your Enketo server is also localhost:8080?

I haven’t checked—and this was not your question—but if you run into trouble with redirecting to complex URLs (e.g. that contain ? or & characters), try percent encoding them.

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